We are the ORT-project

We are the ORT-project

We are the ORT-project, or Origins of Racializing Thought, a four-year philosophical research project at the University of Jyväskylä, funded by the Kone Foundation. We are glad you found your way to our homepage!


For those of you who read Finnish, Malin Grahn-Wilder and Martina Reuter recently published an article “Rodullistaminen länsimaisen filosofian historiassa” (Racialization in the History of Western Philosophy) in the Kone Foundation’s Kaivolla-blog. You can find the article here:



Here is also the Finnish language version of our project description on the Kone Foundation homepage:



You can find the English summary of our research plan right here on this website (under ‘About’), as well as on the Jyväskylä University website:



We are also on Youtube! You can find our channel here:



We will share the updates of our project on this website so stay tuned!


July 12, 2023